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Poker Rake and Rakeback Info

When you play online poker the poker sites take a "fee" or "rake" of each pot. This rake amount is usually 5% of the pot and always has a maximum cap or limit (usually $3). These small amounts of rake add up fast and when combined with the ability to play multiple tables the rake paid can exceed $10,000 per month for a single full-time player!

The actual amount of rake you pay is not the same as the amount of rake you generate, as determined by the poker sites. Most poker sites determine the amount of rake you generate by taking the actual rake of each pot and dividing it by the amount of players that were dealt cards on that hand. For example, if the pot is $60 ($3 rake is taken) and there were 10 people dealt cards, then each person generated $0.30 in rake for that hand. Using this method of calculation you are generating rake every time you are dealt cards, even if you fold preflop!

Some poker sites use the "contribution" method instead to calculate a player's rake. Using the contribution method, a player only generates rake when they actually contribute money to the pot. This method sounds much less profitable than the one mentioned above, but the two methods are typically very close to even in the long run for the average player.

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What Is Rake Back?

Getting paid a percentage of that rake you generate is called a rake back (or rakeback / rake rebate) plan. If you play 5 or more hours per week then you should definitely be taking advantage of rake back plans. A rake back plan could be putting $100's or even $1,000's back in your pocket each month!

The poker sites pay RakeBacks.com anywhere from 30% - 45% of the rake you generate each month. In turn, we pay you up to 95% of that amount back every month. Payments from RakeBacks.com will be electronically deposited directly into your poker account or your Neteller account within 3 days of when we receive payment from the poker site(s). For more information please see our Security & Privacy Policy.

Bonuses & Tracking Your Rake

All of our rake back plans come with the usual sign-up bonuses for every player. Please keep in mind that any bonuses you receive are usually deducted from your total monthly rake by the poker sites.

RakeBacks.com has developed a custom state of the art web-based tracking system to track your rake statistics online for many poker sites. This system allows your to login and view your daily rake stats, total rake, and total rake back. Another way to track your rake stats is by using a program called Poker Tracker. This program accurately tracks rake stats along with all other possible statistics on you and every opponent you play against. This software works with most popular poker sites and is a must-have for any serious online player.

Propping vs. Rake Back Plans

Alot of people ask the question "Can I make more money by propping or playing with a rake back plan?". Most people make considerably more money by playing with a rake back plan than as a prop. The main reason for this is because a prop player is usually forced to play short-handed games all the time and can not choose the most profitable games available. Another reason rake back can be more profitable is because you can play a solid and tight strategy at a full table and sit back and generate rake almost every hand you're dealt cards...whether you fold or not.


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