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Terms and Conditions

By using RakeBacks.com you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.

At RakeBacks.com we are committed to continuing the excellent relationships which we have developed with our clients. RakeBacks.com is in the business of satisfying customers and maintaining a sound relationship with them. Our goal is to be completely trustworthy in order to retain our current clients.

However, we are sure that you understand why we must reserve the right to remove any site from our list, adjust the amount of rake back that we offer our referred players, and/or cease payments to our referred players if the situation warrants, such as in case of one or more of the following events:

i. A poker site makes changes to its affiliate agreement whereby its affiliates, including RakeBacks.com, are no longer allowed to advertise nor offer rake back to players.

ii. A poker site amends the way that it handles affiliate payments, tracking of players' rake generation, and/or affiliate support.

iii. A poker site adjusts the percentage of rake back that it gives to their affiliates, including us at RakeBacks.com.

iv. A change in the law pertaining to or regulation of poker sites or affiliates which impact our agreements with a poker site or with our referred players.

We will endeavor to notify our members as soon as possible if any such change is required.

Referral Program:

i. The above terms and conditions also apply to the RakeBacks.com Referral Program.

ii. Members do not receieve referral commissions for referring other members within the same "household". A "household" is defined as having the same IP address. We reserve the right to refuse or cease referral payments if our system detects multiple logins by referred players from the same IP address as those that referred them.

iii. We also reserve the right to request personal identification (ie. Driver License) at any time.

Additionally, when we report your rake generation statistics, we are simply relaying the information that is provided to us by the poker site. In other words, RakeBacks.com is not linked to our affiliated poker sites' reporting pages. They provide us with your statistics and then we report them to you.

If one of our members feels that there are any discrepancies in the amount of rake they have generated, or amount of rake back that he or she has received from us, the member should notify us. We will then be able to email you a screenshot from the poker site's statistics page, where the poker site lists the member's account information and rake generated for a specified time period.

Lastly, we are sure that you understand that we are subject to the terms and conditions of all the poker sites on our list. The following information states the primary requirements for our members to receive rake back:

i. Using our affiliate link and/or code, the player opens a new account on the poker site they wish to receive rake back.

ii. The player does not have an existing real money account on this particular poker site.

If the player violates this rule, he or she will forgo any claim to receiving rake back, as RakeBacks.com will not receive any affiliate commission for his or her play. Addionally, RakeBacks.com can not be held liable or responsible for lost rake back due to poker site tracking issues. We work very closely with the poker sites to try and correct any tracking issues when they arise. However, there are cases where tracking issues can not be corrected and the final decision ultimately belongs to the poker site in question. In the case of untracked poker accounts, RakeBacks.com can not be held liable for payments. We can only provide rake back payments if your account is tracked to us.

Thank you for your understanding,



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